Thursday, June 19, 2008

OK, dude- -I made it to the couch!

Oh I'm sorry.
What I meant to say is, "Nice view ,uh?"


dkprnce said...

You know i just read this again for about the 5th time. I hope my previous comment didn't offend you. That was not my intention. And if it did; I'm sorry. I would never mean any disrespect to you.

hope all is well

mom said...

Silly kid!
I knew you were joking--- That's why I joked you back.
Everything here is good but not well. Mike and I have been sick since waking up Monday morning. Both of us feel like a mule kicked the dog snot out of us but it will and is going away.

dkprnce said...

just making sure ;) i didn't what there to be any confusions. there is enough of that around to last a lifetime already.