Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lessons In Life

Thank you God for your love and grace.
I finally found a job as a cashier at a True Value hardware store in our neighborhood.
In the process of looking for work I believe I gained quite a bit.
  • My faith quotient increased. Nagging doubt about my decision to leave the old job would assail me every time I realized that a hopeful lead was not going to happen. That was hard to shake. I decided to become more determined.
  • I found a chiropractor for us. I didn't land the job he interviewed for but he may have gained 2 new patients. We go see him in the morning for a consult.
  • I found out about a food establishment I had been curious about. I interviewed with the owners. They seemed nice, the place was clean and the prices resonable. Fun things are in the works to pump up business so I will definately be going back.
  • I am having an extended excersize in self disipline with my wallet. That is a good thing to quote Martha Stewart.
I am relived to be gainfully employed and am looking forward to all that it may bring.

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Lexey said...

I love you, mom. Congrats on your new job. :)