Friday, July 11, 2008

Vic would be proud.

Mike and I just returned from Pho 8.
Mike ordered the chicken ,vegtable and rice plate. I had the rare steak and flank Pho. (mmmm good!)
Unbelievably I ate the whole bowl with chopsticks.
I did mind my manners with the broth and used the spoon provided.
I seriously wanted to just pick the bowl up and slurp it down but I didn't.
I believe we are going to have to make it a regular payday celebration to eat there.


Kahuna said... have just endeavored into my favorite type of place for lunch. We have a Pho VI here. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the broth is definiely

mom said...

Next time you're here we will go. They are closed on Sunday's but other than that any time you can get here will do.

Kahuna said...

MMMMM I would love that. You know I love me some good chopstick eatin soup.......:p

Lisa said...

i have to say i am so very proud that you love to eat pho! it's too bad your vietnamese connection didn't actually influence your delight!

next time try it "pho tai sach" which is pho with rare steak and tripe. tripe is just for texture though, it doesn't have flavor.

btw, slurping the bowl would be quite authentic, I assure you. my mom would be proud!

Lexey said...

mmm pho.... :)