Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Want To

Is your Want To broke?

Mine isn’t.

The majority of the people I work with have a broke Want To.
It causes me a great deal of frustration until I center down and let it go.

It is their ‘fix it ticket’- - - not mine.

It is my job to keep my Want To, wanting to so that I can continue to fill a need.
This keeps me linked to the human side of life, and I think that fulfills some of my own needs.

Like tonight , having an old man tell me “It's good having people around like you” when I didn’t mind tying the laces on his old brown shoes.

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irvmarmik said...

I have never worked in an environment where someone's well being relied so heavily on the emplyoyee's "want to". When their every need, from waking to sleeping, requires the assistance of capable people, residents of skilled nursing facilities are totally reliant on their caregiver's "want to". Unfortunately, we live in an age when "fake it till you make it" has become the norm. Five weeks training does not a caregiver make. But pass the class and you are "in like Flynn." Don't get me wrong. Certified Nursing Assistants have a tough job-one of the most grueling and thankless jobs I have ever seen-when they do it right. But it is also one of the easiest jobs to skate on I ever seen. When your clients are often mute and your tasks are often obscured by chaos, it is quite easy to pass your duties on to the next shift. Fortunately, where we work, there are a few people like you who "want to" enough to get down and give that little extra that makes the difference in someone's day. Thank you for being an example of the lessons I learned growing up. My "want to" is restored every day I work with you.