Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What To Do With What God Gives You

Living in a high desert atmosphere you realize what a blessing trees are.

They give blessed relief with their shade.

A while back we decided that one of the trees in the back yard might be a pear.

Today Michael picked what he could reach and this is a picture of some of it.

Now neither one of us has ever really gone out of our way to eat a pear. That being said, neither one of us can stand the thought of this bounty going to waste.

What to do?

Well, today we bought this - -

We are going to attempt some canning of pear jam .

I will keep you posted on the jam making and we will continue to be thankful for our blessings.


Lexey said...

that's pretty cool. :) If you find you have too much even for jam, you might see if there is a soup kitchen somewhere that can use them.

mom said...

That is a possibility.
Once they ripen you only have so many days to get them used.
Another possibility might be where we work. The fresh fruit there is limited to bananas,melons,and an occasional piece of orange (used as garnish).

irvmarmik said...

Sometimes, we even have grapes and strawberries.

Helen said...

You have to try them. Bryce and I love them. They are so sweet and juicy. Those pears look wonderful.

mom said...

We'll save you some jam!

Lisa said...

hi mom! you should try putting them in a crostata! It's a wonderful and easy bake, it's my official gift for Thanksgiving dinners! I'll email you...